Safe language for children aged 5–10 years

Milly’s Message is about a bold and curious girl who knows the importance of seeking help from a trusted adult, especially when she sees upsetting images online.

Written with safe language for children aged 5–10 years, Milly’s Message is the perfect way to let young kids know that coming across unsafe images is not their fault and they can always seek help from a trusted adult when they see things that are not meant for kids eyes.

This 24-page full-colour rhyming picture book can be read to children aged 5 to 10 years. It is a launchpad for discussions regarding online safety and taking charge of troubling images. The online Support Notes and Discussion Questions complement and enhance this essential conversation. Milly’s Message is a “must-have” for parents and professionals to prepare kids for the inevitable occasion when they will see explicit imagery.

Milly loves to explore and learn. One day at school, someone shows Milly a movie on a phone that makes her feel sick. Milly was lucky to have a safe adult help her through this experience and now she teaches children that some adult behaviours can be harmful for kids to see.

In this interview, author Liz Walker speaks about why Not for Kids! children’s book is such an important resource for kids, parents and professionals (now republished as Milly’s Message). Purchase your paperback copy here or download the original version, Not for Kids, on Kindle today.

Milly’s Message support materials

It’s more than “the talk”.
Keep talking.

Support Notes

Gain insight into the harms of pornography by reading these support notes and linking to other educational information.

Discussion Questions

Access discussion questions to assist conversations that maximise the potential of Milly’s Message.


Download the worksheet that’s printed at the back of this book and help kids reaffirm the messages learned.


Umbrella builds upon Milly’s Message and equips kids for inevitable difficult moral decisions. Coming soon.

About the Author

Learn about Liz Walker and her global work as an educator and advocate in response to porn harms.

About the illustrator

Learn about Anita Mary, a wife, mother, artist, writer and overcomer. Pilchard, her beloved cat, is immortalised in this book.

Not for Kids! is the perfect tool for parents to teach their children what to do if they are exposed to explicit content, and for parents to learn how to best help their kids cope with what they’ve seen. In an era when online graphic and extreme depictions of adult behaviours are the default form of sex education, this book is a must-read with your kids!

Gail DinesPh.D. Founder and Chair, Culture Reframed Author, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality -

The rapid growth in internet use among children and young people has led to corresponding increases in public anxiety regarding potential risk. Without doubt, it is absolutely vital that children, from a young age, are taught not only general rules of personal safety, but also more specific education around the online environment. Not for Kids! by Liz Walker is a valuable tool that provides children from a young age with developmentally-appropriate messages around what they may be exposed to online and how to deal with that exposure, emotionally and practically. Borne through personal experience, the book tells the story of Milly who is exposed to adult material on a phone at school. Utilising rhyme, non-threatening language, and warm artwork, Not for Kids! is a welcomed resource that will allow parents, caregivers and professionals to broach the subject of online safety in a child-friendly way. The supporting materials for adults is a welcome addition and provides parents and others with further information and tools.

Carol RonkenDirector of Research and Policy Development, BRAVEHEARTS -

I love a rhyming children's book, and when great illustrations and an easy-to-read story combine to teach children about the yucky pictures they might see online and what to do if and when this happens - I'd say we're looking at a valuable resource for families and schools. A great educational tool for children and their trusted grown-ups.

Margie ButtrissFounder of HUSHeducation

I think it is a very truthful story because it's almost the same as my own! I think this book would make many kids who feel uncomfortable about something they’ve seen or experienced be able to tell a trusted parent or caregiver. I love the pictures!

Kiarah8 years old

I loved this book! It was lighthearted and non-confronting. I didn’t have to have a conversation about porn at all. My daughter understood and it can translate to other situations too. It gives them the power to ASK and TELL without fear of retribution - just healthy curiosity.

RuthMum of 7 year old

We desperately need to educate children about private pictures and movies and what to do if they should come across them. It is not a case of if children see them, but when children see them. I think this delightful book will help both parents and teachers have those uncomfortable conversations with their children and by doing that, children will know they can speak with trusted adults about what they saw. I highly recommend this marvellous tool with its support notes and discussion questions.

Holly-ann MartinManaging Director, Safe4Kids

Not for Kids! children’s book is a fantastic for both parents and kids. I encourage the development of any resource which reinforces online safety messages, particularly around the importance of talking to trusted adults when they stumble across upsetting images or activities online.
Milly’s character provides kids with practical, actionable advice on where to go and what to do when they see or are shown adult content. The book is a great starting point for parents to have productive and supportive conversations with their children about both the positive uses and negative consequences of online content and activities. After all, education is key to a safer online experience for all our children.

Alastair MacGibbonFormer Commissioner: Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner -